At Five Columns, we believe every day is a reason to celebrate! Throughout the year, we hold special events to really spice things up.  Here is what we currently have going on:

Monthly Dinner Special

Souvlaki & Ribs Combo

Our 2 most popular menu items find themselves on the same plate this month! So now you don't have to choose between our chicken souvlaki skewer and the baby back ribs. But this dinner is only available for the month of March!

This wonderful combination includes a skewer of marinated and grilled chicken and some of our Greek-style baby back ribs. The chicken and ribs are prepared with our signature lemon-Greek sauce and then served along with our flavorful rice pilaf. This dish is also served with a small Greek salad and our garlic bread ahead of time. 


Suggested Wine: Retsina White Wine

Kali Orexi! Bon Apetite!

Sparkling Sundays!

Mimosas with breakfast now available on Sundays! No better way to start off your day! OPA! We open at 8am on Sundays!

Greek Happy Hour

3pm - 6pm

Tuesday - Sunday 

Cool down with something fun and refreshing from our bar, and a delicious snack from our kitchen. 

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