April 2020

Five Columns Newsletter for Wednesday, April 01, 2020
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Note to our friends: 

Well, I never thought I'd be writing a newsletter quite like this. In a time where we are all doing our best to adjust to the situation we are in, taking it one day at a time and trying to fit into a new routine (or lack of one!). We are still here, and we patiently look forward to the day when we can warmly open up our front doors and invite you all in! Until then, our new routine is Tuesday - Sunday, 4pm - 7pm, open for take out orders and curbside pick up. We can't begin to explain the emotions that your support has evoked in us and has just reinforced a fact that we've known for over 30 years, we live in the best community around! Thank you to everyone who has come by to pick up dinner, to all the emails, calls and well wishes. We wish you all nothing but happiness & health. Stay positive!

"It is during our darkest moments that we focus to see the light." Aristotle 

Monthly Dinner Special

Chicken Souvlaki & Greek Ribs Combo

Enjoy our 2 most popular menu items in one delicious combination plate.

Your dinner includes a skewer of chicken, served over rice pilaf and a portion of our greek style baby back ribs. This complete meal also comes with a small Greek salad and garlic bread. 


Just give us a call to order: 360-676-9900


Available Menu for Take-Out:


Spanakopita Appetizer $8.95


Tiropita Appetizer $8.95


Burger with Home Fries $12.95

with cheese $13.95


Gyro Sandwich with Home Fries $11.95


Chicken Gyro Sandwich with Home Fries $11.95


Greek Salad $14.95

House Salad (Greek salad with chicken) $17.95


Chicken Caesar Salad $16.95


Chicken Souvlaki $19.95


Baby Back Ribs (Greek style or BBQ)

½ slab: $21.95

Full slab: $31.95


NEW: Filet of Sole: $20.95


NEW: Prawns Souvlaki: $24.95


NEW DESSERT: Bogatsa: $7.95