April 2018

Five Columns Newsletter for Sunday, April 01, 2018
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Monthly Dinner Special

Roasted Lamb Shoulder

lambshoulder (Mobile).jpg

Slow cooked and full of flavor, we will be featuring roasted lamb shoulder for the month of April as our dinner special.

Slow roasting for hours makes this lamb dish tender and flavorful as it's prepared with all the classic flavors of the Mediterranean: olive oil, garlic and a special blend of Greek herbs. 

This complete meal is served with a Greek salad and garlic bread to start, as well as your choice of rice pilaf or potatoes. 


Suggested Wine: Retsina

Kali Orexi ~ Bon Apetite

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Monthly Winners

Comment Card Winner of a $20 Dinner Gift Certificate

Kathy Biederman

Business Card Winner of a FREE Lunch

Han Nachtrieb

Can you name the picture below?

canal (Mobile).jpg

A: Corinth Canal in Greece

Built in 1881 as a passage to connect the Gulf of Corinth to the Saronic Gulf. The canal separates the Peloponnese from the rest of mainland Greece, making the Peloponnese an island. It is almost 4 miles long and only 82 feet wide. 

Sparkling Sunday Breakfast!

We open at 8am every Sunday!

Join us for a delicious home cooked breakfast and enjoy a refreshing Mimosa or Bloody Mary from our bar.

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Sunday, April 1st: Catholic Easter
Sunday, April 8th: Orthodox Easter

Happy Easter!

Ever wonder why Greek Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter on a different day?

There are basically 2 reasons for this. 

The first reason has to do with the calendar that is used to calculate the date of Easter. The Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar, which is about 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar that the Catholic church follows. 

The second reason is that the Orthodox church does not observe Easter until the Jewish Passover has been completed. This rule was set back in 325 AD, in order to preserve the Biblical sequence of Christ's passion. 

The combination of these two reasons usually means that Orthodox Christians are celebrating Easter after everyone else, although on a few occasions, Easter has lined up on the same day. 

Greek Easter Traditions: 

*Dying Red Easter Eggs

*Cracking of the Easter Eggs - a friendly competition to see whose egg cracks last. Each family member takes turns going around with their "chosen" egg and taps everyone else's egg just hard enough to see which one will crack.

*Midnight Liturgy on Saturday night to celebrate the Easter resurrection right at midnight. 

*Baking Tsoureki - a sweet bread

*Roasting Lamb or Pig - having a big feast with family and friends

"First time we've been here. Service was spot on, drinks refilled promptly, friendly and personable. Kayna was great and the food was excellent." Becki






"Great food, Great service." Ralph & Helen Kolin






"When you are already most excellent there is no room to improve. Facility great, staff great, food great." Jim & Mary Doucette






"Loved the Moussaka." Mar-Sue Ratzke






"You guys are great! Salmon best in town, Greek ribs are always amazing, Moussaka can't be beat." Carolyn Sherwin






"The family & food - it feels like we come home when we come here!" Kim Sherwood






"Your staff is amazing." Sean Fox






"Nice, quiet atmosphere." Ross Haines






"Service, food, atmosphere...perfect & cozy." Candice Warren & Allen DeVries







"Every meal we've ever had here is a "10". Everything is perfect - meals, service and atmosphere. Five Columns is a "must visit" when we are in the area!" Kathy Biederman






"You did great. Fast service, and the food." Cassie Hayes






"Great service, great food." Colette Velasquez