March 2018

Five Columns Newsletter for Thursday, March 01, 2018
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Monthly Dinner Special

Souvlaki & Ribs Combo

Our 2 most popular menu items find themselves on the same plate this month! So now you don't have to choose between our chicken souvlaki skewer and the baby back ribs. But this dinner is only available for the month of March!

This wonderful combination includes a skewer of marinated and grilled chicken and some of our Greek-style baby back ribs. The chicken and ribs are prepared with our signature lemon-Greek sauce and then served along with our flavorful rice pilaf. This dish is also served with a small Greek salad and our garlic bread ahead of time. 


Suggested Wine: Retsina White Wine

Kali Orexi! Bon Apetite!


Sunday, April 1st, 2018

Join us for Easter breakfast, brunch or dinner! 

Give us a call at 360-676-9900 to reserve your table. 

We open at 8am!

Monthly Winners

Comment Card Winner of a $20 Dinner Gift Certificate

Angela Barnes


Business Card Winner of a FREE Lunch

John Young

Youngs Appraisal

March 25th: Greek Independence Day!

A special day in Greek history that is celebrated all around the world today! In New York City there is a Greek parade on 5th Ave and other cities like Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago all have organized parties. In 1821, the Greek Revolution declared victory over the Ottoman Empire, ending 400 years of suffering under their control. 

acropolisflag (Mobile).jpg

The Greek flag at the Acropolis flying high over Athens!

February Parties!

February was a short month but it was filled with fun reasons to celebrate! From friends gathering for their annual birthday celebration, to a lovely Valentine's Day celebrating with the ones we love! Thank you to everyone who joined us! Here are a couple pictures from February: 

alyssa2018 (Mobile).jpg

Lifelong friends Alyssa, Jaymasen and Branden celebrate Valentine's Day with us!


isabel2018 (Mobile).jpg

Great friends gather to celebrate Isabel's birthday with us again this year!


To book your next party with us, just give us a call at 360-676-9900. We can accommodate groups up to 40 people!


"Great service & food!" Weldon & Kathleen Richardson





"My waitress, fast service  and everything I've ordered tastes delicious." Tina Capriani






"Options on the menu was great. The food (all of it) was amazing & fresh! Delicious!" Vanessa Chukri







"My mom wanted to come here for her birthday. It's our favorite place for special occasions. The food and service is always excellent." Darcy Weeks






"We love the atmosphere, the service and the food! The diversity of the menu is fantastic." Gregg Hill




"You do great! Comfy booths, music and warm hospitality." Angela Barnes







"The people, the place, the extraordinary food." Ruth & Rod






"It's always a treat. Family business and quality of food and preparation." Patti Burns







"Every time we come here the food is really good. Best calamari I've ever had." Eric Richey