October 2016

Five Columns Newsletter for Saturday, October 01, 2016
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Monthly Dinner Special

Braised Lamb Shank

Join us for a hearty and delicious dinner special as we will be serving up our very popular lamb shank special for the entire month of October!

This dish is prepared by slow cooking the lamb shanks in a variety of Greek spices until soft and tender. The flavors of tomatoes, garlic and herbs infuse the tender lamb that is served alongside your choice of Greek oven-roasted potatoes or rice pilaf. Your meal also includes a small Greek salad and garlic bread to start. 


Suggested Wine: Makedonikos Red

Kali Orexi! (Bon Apetite!)

Monthly Winners!

Comment Card Winner of a $20 Dinner Gift Certificate

Brittney Lunday


Business Card Winner of a FREE Lunch

Stan Singer

Legend Brands


Support Officer Fundraiser - Sold Out in Record Time!

We have already sold out of available tickets for this year's fundraiser for Support Officer Community Care. The event will be held Monday evening October 10th at Five Columns Restaurant. All the proceeds raised that night will benefit SOCC - a local organization commited to helping families and victims of tragic loss, here in Whatcom County. 

Thank you to everyone who has purchased tickets and we look forward to a fun night!

Sparkling Sundays!

Mimosas with breakfast now available on Sundays! No better way to start off your day! OPA! We open at 8am on Sundays!

September Fun Events

Here is a look into just some of the fun parties we had the pleasure of being a part of last month. Thank you to everyone who celebrated a memorable occassion with us!!!


Richardson family gathers for a dinner and a great visit!

richardsonfamily (Mobile).JPG




Carol celebrates her birthday with us and her wonderful friends and family!

carolbday (Mobile).jpg



A great group of young athletes ~ the Washington Ice Emeralds

iceskaters (Mobile).JPG

Halloween In Greece

Halloween is not celebrated in Greece this month, as we are used to it here in the United States. BUT that doesn't mean that the Greeks don't dress up and have a party! This happens in February before the start of the Greek Orthodox Lent and is called Apokries. The festival of Apokries lasts for 3 weeks as people party in cafes and restaurants and dress up in masquerades and costumes. There is a trick or treating part that happens as well as people dressed in their festive masks visit family and friends' homes and try to get them to guess who they are. Cakes, sweets and beverages are then offered to the trick or treaters in an effort to get them to remove their mask to uncover their true identity. Kids of all ages and adults take part in Apokries and the grand finale is the Grand Carnival Parades that take place, the largest of which takes place in Patras, Greece (in the Peloponnese). 


"Everything is great. Food, server, decor." Maria LaBeur




"Everything was great." Alex Hill





"All was great! Pleasant waitress & atmosphere." Robert Warner





"Everything was amazing. Great food, great service!" Chantelle Barnett





"Service was awesome!" Heidi Whitney





"Your family is soooo Greek! I love it, feels just like Greece with Greeks. Efharisto." Kalei Cotton






"Quiet & relaxing, great food." Art Miller






"The way it is, totally a fun experience. Relaxed atmosphere & the great food!" Bob Gilda





"Great food. Love the staff!!" Jim Goenen





"You're amazing!!! Don't change. The pasta was amazing." Katelyn Figaro




"More dolmades on the app plate, they are the best in town by far." Clint Marley






"Great food - friendly staff." David Trough