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Five Columns Newsletter for Thursday, March 01, 2012
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Monthly Dinner Special

Greek Pork Chops


It's time to bring back an all-time favorite! Our delicious pork chops are charbroiled, tender and full of great flavor.

Grilled to perfection, the pork chops are then topped with our own Greek sauce of lemon, olive oil and garlic to give them that special Greek touch. Served alongside your choice of rice pilaf or potatoes.

You will also enjoy a Greek salad and our house garlic bread ahead of time.

Suggested Wine: Retsina White

Kali Orexi!

Greek Independence Day - March 25th

Even with all the turmoil in Greece right now, March 25th is a day to celebrate for Greeks worldwide. Almost 200 years ago, the Greeks became free from the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Although it wasn't until May of 1832 that Greece was officially recognized as an independent nation, the road to this victory was years in the making, starting in 1821. And now, the official national holiday to celebrate the Revolution is March 25th.

But the celebrations aren't limited to the festivals and the BBQ's that take place in the beautiful cities and small country villages in Greece. All over the world people of all backgrounds celebrate this day. Here in the United States, the White House hosts a special celebration and invites members of the Greek community and the Greek-American community to share in this special day. This wonderful tradition has been on-going for the past 25 years. Nowadays, it's even more encouraging to see the amount of support that exists worldwide for Greece as they continue to maintain their culture and traditions in such an uncertain environment.

greek flag (Small).jpg

Need a Pick-me-up?

Try a Greek coffee!

Made to order, Greek coffee will be sure to give you that needed caffeine boost. With its rich and nutty flavor, we customize your order to the amount of sweetness you like; from no sugar at all (which makes for one strong cup) to lots of sugary sweetness. Making this coffee is all about technique. The roasted coffee beans are ground so fine they become a powder, which is added to water and sugar and brought almost to a boil in a little pot. The coffee is then poured into the cup where all the grounds settle to the bottom and become a thick paste. After finishing a cup, old tradtion would call for one to flip the cup over the plate, let the grounds make their way down the cup and have someone read their fortune through the grounds, like reading tea leaves.

greek coffee.JPG

Monthly Winners

Comment Card Winner of a $20 Dinner Gift Certificate
Roy Bentley


Business Card Winner of a FREE Lunch
Bob Hong

Help Soula Raise Money for Multiple Sclerosis

Soula is fundraising for the National MS Society and will be participating in the MS Walk on April 14th here in Bellingham in support of family and friends living with MS. Multiple Sclerosis affects millions of people, thousands in our community and some very close to our family. The effects are life changing and this fundraising walk is a step towards ending MS, creating awareness and showing support to everyone who lives with it.

You can donate in person at the restaurant or by going to and clicking on the link right on the restaurant's website. Thanks for your support!

Serving....Sunday Breakfast!

8am - 3pm

Featuring Eggs Benedict as our special - but quantities limitied so don't delay.

We also serve breakfast items during our lunch service Tuesday - Saturday from 11am - 3pm.

February Parties!

Wash the winter blues away with a fun party in our banquet room! We can accommodate groups up to 40 guests! Here's a snapshot of just some of the celebrations held in February:

Anna's bday (Mobile).JPG

Anna celebrates her birthday with close friends over lunch!


bob 1 (Mobile).JPG

Bob enjoys a Greek lunch with family and friends as he celebrates his birthday!


sunny banquet room.JPG

Here is a picture of our banquet room on a sun-filled afternoon, all set up for a dinner party that evening.

Give us a call to help you plan your next party: 360-676-9900



"Our server (Jason) was prompt and polite. The portions were Great. The food was wonderful." Sheryton Hughes





"Server was awesome!" Jennfer Garretson





"Taryn was amazing. She was attentive but not overbearing. I really enjoyed being served by her." Shayla





"The service was wonderful!" Amber Hanson





"The amount of food was a lot, which is good. The flavor was good too." Lily Nguyen






"The flavors in the 2 person platter were wonderful, everything was cooked perfectly, and we will be coming back again." Breann Ohman





"Friendly staff, nice atmosphere." Mariah Currey






"Service, food, atmosphere...we'll be back! Jason was excellent, very knowledgeable, super friendly." Dan & Deanna Merz






"Nice dinner. Thanks!" Carl Daniels






"Server was GREAT - server very knowledgeable." Berna Cooper