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Five Columns Newsletter for Friday, April 01, 2011
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Monthly Dinner Special

Greek Sampler


Order this dinner and enjoy a variety of great Greek flavors!

The main course features some of our most popular Greek ribs, 3 grilled skewered prawns and 2 dolmades served over rice pilaf. The ribs are tender pork baby-back ribs topped with our special Greek lemon-garlic sauce, the succulent prawns are grilled and the dolmades are handmade rolled grape leaves stuffed with ground beef and rice. Your meal begins with our house garlic bread and a small Greek salad to enjoy!

Suggested Wine: Retsina White Wine

Kali Orexi!

Happy Easter ~ Kalo Pascha!

Sunday, April 24th

Celebrate with us and enjoy a great Easter meal.

Easter Hours:

Breakfast: 8am - Noon featuring Eggs Benedict as our special.

Dinner: Noon - Close. We will be featuring our famous BRAISED LAMB SHANKS as our special!

Please call in advance for reservations.

Monthly Winners!

Comment Card Winner of a $20 Dinner Gift Certificate

Michele Gordon


Business Card Winner of a Free Lunch

Shannon P Laws

Baby Back Ribs like None Other

One of the staple foods here at Five Columns has to be our deliciously tender Baby Back Ribs! A favorite since we opened in 1987, you can enjoy them with a traditional BBQ sauce or our original Greek lemon sauce. Either way, you'll love them!

But, don't take our word for it....

"Greek ribs - my fave meal in town! First time, will be back often. Great rib rub - lovely job cooking the ribs. And I am a connoisseur of ribs." Sean Dwyer

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Greek Coffee

The perfect way to end a satisfying meal at Five Columns: Greek coffee and a decadent piece of Dini's homemade baklava!

Greek coffee is a strong brew of very finely ground coffee beans that is served with a little foam on top and a layer of thick grounds in the bottom of the cup. Made to order with just water, sugar & coffee, you specify exactly how sweet (or not sweet) and how strong you would like it. Milk or cream is not traditionally added to the coffee and you must not stir the coffee as you are enjoying it. Doing this will disturb all the grounds that have settled to the bottom.

In a small pot called the "briki" the coffee, water and sugar is measured out accordingly and thoroughly stirred, then brought almost to a boil over high heat.  A close eye must be kept on the coffee as to ensure the proper removal from the fire. The coffee will slowly start to rise and as it reaches the top of the briki, quickly remove it and pour into your cup. Not allowing the coffee to come to a full boil ensures that you will have the proper amount of foam in you cup. Greek coffee has a very full, strong, almost nutty and very robust flavor.

The briki


greek coffee.JPG 
A demitasse of Greek coffee

Here's a quick glimpse of just some of the parties happening here! Thanks to everyone who celebrates with us!


cotton party.JPG
Carolyn Cotton celebrates her 80th birthday!


drama club.JPG
A group of drama students enjoy a dinner before the evening's performance.


Portal Way Church of Christ.JPG
Portal Way Church of Christ members enjoy a dinner together.


Emblem club.JPG
A luncheon in honor of outgoing Emblem Club President, Judy Reiber


richardson bdays.JPG
Good friends share in a special double birthday celebration!


Celebrate your next special occasion with us! Our banquet area can accommodate groups up to 40 people.

Call us to make your reservation!

"Our server was awesome! Food was great :)" Kayle Walls





"Enjoyed the dining experience...first time in." Jeff & Kathy Brown





"The FOOD! It was incredible. I am a bit of a chef myself and my hat's off to you! The service was also very good." Guillermo Munoz





"The waiter did a great job. Jason was his name. The food was great too." Kaleb Cuevas





"You provide great food at a great price. Comfortable place to eat." Penny Harrison






"The food and service is great!" Michael A. Peppers





"The food was wonderful. The service was perfect." Byrum & Sarah Bolerjack





"You're the best! Please don't change anything! Excellent service. Love it that my iced tea glass was always full." Darcy Weeks





"You do everything very well! Friendliness and we don't feel rushed. We can sit and enjoy the meal at our own leisure." Lenny & Jan Cannon





"I thought food and service was great." Steve Russell





"Excellent service, great food." Julie Knight