January 2010

Five Columns Newsletter for Friday, January 01, 2010
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Surf n Turf

Start the year off with great flavor as we feature a Surf n Turf special for the entire month of January.

Your main entree will include a petite New York steak charbroiled to your specifications and accompanied with 3 tender prawns sauteed with garlic, white wine and herbs, as well as a side of Greek oven-roasted potatoes. Before hand, you will enjoy our house garlic bread and a Caesar salad tossed with our homemade garlic Caesar dressing.


Suggested Wine: Makedonikos Red

Kali Orexi!


May your New Year be filled with peace, love and happiness.

Sending you our heartfelt New Year's wishes for a great 2010.


$1 Off Any Entree Salad on the Menu

The #1 New Year's resolution is always, hands down, to maintain a healthier lifestyle and lose weight.

We want to help in our own way by marking down all our entree salads during the month of January. Order any salad for lunch or dinner and it's automatically $1 off.

Come in and try our delicious and fresh Greek salad loaded with tons of healthy veggies or any of our great tasting, made to order salads!


Now's the time! If you received a Holiday Mystery Envelope, don't forget to come in and redeem it, valid January 1st - 31st.

Just bring in your unopened envelope when you visit us for dinner and reveal your special gift from us to you.

What's Your Resolution?

We'd love to hear what you resolve to add or change to your life. If you feel like sharing, just send us an email and let us know what will be different or how your life will be changing in 2010.

Here is a list of some not-so-ordinary resolutions that might be a little fun to keep in 2010:

*Eat dessert first

*Plant 2 apple trees a hammock-width apart

*Learn something new - like a foreign language


*Write a book or memoire


Comment Card Winner of a $20 Dinner Gift Certificate
Wes & Gene Ulrich


Business Card Winner of a Free Lunch
JW Sozanski
Visionary Projections


We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and celebrated the wonders of the season in their own special way.

Thanks to all of you who gathered in our restaurant and allowed us to be a part of your celebrations.

Pictured below: The lady graduates of Bellingham High School's class of 1942 holding their monthly luncheon in our banquet room.

high school girls final (Small).jpg


Epiphany (The Enlightenment) in Greece is known as Holy Theophany. In honor of this holiday, the Greeks will invite their priest into their home to perform a blessing for the New Year in which the priest goes through the home with a cross and basil branch, sprinkling holy water into each room.

It is also tradition for the priest to toss a cross into a large body of water (lake, river, ocean, etc) blessing the waters. Then, the courageous ones dive into the cold waters in search of the cross. The victorious one will enjoy a year of good health and fortune.


Most Greek families celebrate the first of the year with the annual cutting of the Vasilopita. Vasilopita is a traditional cake covered with powdered sugar that has a special coin hidden somewhere inside. The coin is special because it is Greek tradition that whoever receives the piece with the coin will have an extra blessed year. As each piece of cake is cut, it is also assigned to a specific member of the family.


We open early on Sunday at 8am and serve breakfast till 3pm.

Tuesday - Saturday our breakfast and lunch hours are 11am - 3pm for those days when you need a late breakfast!

Also, don't miss out on Eggs Benedict...only on Sundays!


Here are some popular Greek names recognized this month:

Jan 1st - Saint Vassilis (Basil)

Jan 6th - Theofania, Theofanis, Fotis, Fotini, Fanis

Jan 7th - Ioannis (John)

Jan 17th - Antonios (Anthony)

Jan 18th - Athanasios

Jan 22nd - Anastasios, Timothetos, Tassos

Jan 25th - Grigorios (Gregory), Margarita

Happy Name Day to all celebrating!

"I like the atmosphere and the service." Betty Brown





"You are doing great." John Houlgate






"Enjoyed the friendly staff. Liked the lighting." Terry Chriss






"Everything was so pleasant. Food, wine, & service." Sherry Berry






"The service was outstanding. Really liked the appetizers too." Renee & Shane Hertel






"The food & the service are always great!" Trish Manley






"Everything is great...the pita bread :)" Anna Andersen