May 2009

Five Columns Newsletter for Friday, May 01, 2009
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Five Columns Calamari

For the month of May, try this original take on our hand-cut calamari. This special recipe features tender calamari, sauteed with green peppers, green onions, fresh tomatoes, a touch of garlic and Greek herbs and finished off with a splash of Ouzo. The calamari is then served and presented over our homemade rice pilaf. Your meal will begin with a small Greek salad and our house garlic bread.


Suggested Wine: Retsina White Wine

Kali Orexi!


Sunday May 10th, 2009


bouquet (Small).jpg

Hours of Operation:

Breakfast: 8am - noon
Dinner: noon - close

In honor of all mother's and mother-figures, we will be featuring 2 very delicious dinner specials for this day:

*FRESH Halibut*
*Roasted Prime Rib*

Come enjoy a great meal and celebrate that special mom in your life!

Now taking your reservations at 360-676-9900

Whether it's a group of good friends gathering for a meal or a club getting together for a luncheon or meeting, take a look at some of the parties we had going on in April:

friends (Small).JPGGood friends enjoying lunch

bham herald (Small).JPGBellingham Herald Retirees Luncheon

lifetime learning (Small).JPGAcademy for Lifelong Learning

hearing(Small).JPGHearing Loss Association of Whatcom County Annual Lunch

"Thank you to everyone for continuing to keep us as "your" place to celebrate special occasions! We truly appreciate it!"

Mavrodaphne Wine Lesson

This sweet red wine is very special in its flavor and is indigenous to the Peloponnese region in Greece.

Its color is very dark with red-brown hues and an overall sweet flavor marked with aromas of caramel, chocolate and raisins.

It is also the wine that is offered for communion in the Greek Orthodox Church.

We serve it on the rocks with a twist of lemon for optimum flavor!

Monthly Winners!

Comment Card Winner of a $20 Dinner Gift Certificate

Grace Kang


Business Card Winner of a Free Lunch

John Bentley
Ion Ways

May Holidays

Mark your calendar with these special days:

May 1st - May Day (also celebrated in Greece with the giving of fresh flower bouquets to friends & family)

May23rd & 24th - Annual Bellingham Classic: Ski to Sea Festival

May 25th - Memorial Day: A day to honor all those who have given their life while serving in our military.

Enjoy Breakfast Till 3pm!

Our breakfast hours:

Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 3pm

Sunday: 8am - 3pm

3PM - 6PM Tuesday thru Sunday

martini glass (Small).jpg

Join us for great food and signature drink specials!

All food items on the Happy Hour Menu are $5.95 and include some great Greek classics like the Gyro Sandwich, Dolmades and Pork or Chicken Skewers!

"It was awesome. Loved the ribs." Gail & Tony Lowery



"Can't imagine doing anything better. The whole package - food, atmosphere, staff - excellent." Karen Sehrt



"Great food & great service; good variety on menu." Tiffani Dahl & Morgon Ellis



"Great service & well made food." Jesse Webb



"Don't change a thing! Quiet, relaxed, good food, great service!" Debbie Whitaker



"Good food - good service - no suggestions for improvement. We really like this restaurant! Calamari, salad and souvlaki were very good." Patricia Stigliani



"The service was fantastic, waiter was friendly and polite. The atmosphere was very inviting and nice and calm after a long day. Food was amazing. Thank you!" Sam & Lyzz Hancock



"Quick service, friendly hostess and authentic atmosphere." Adam Hart



"Everything was great! Service, good (especially Baklava)...Great portions." Shayna Nishiyama