February 2009

Five Columns Newsletter for Sunday, February 01, 2009
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Greek Chicken Breast & Dolmades

For the month of February, try the great pairing of Greek chicken and homemade dolmades. Your meal begins with a fresh Greek salad and our house garlic bread. The chicken breast is marinated and then charbroiled and topped with our signature Greek sauce of lemon, olive oil, garlic and Greek herbs. The dolmades are hand-rolled, stuffed grape leaves with Dini's own recipe of beef, rice and spices and then covered with a lemon sauce and served over rice pilaf.


Suggested Wine: Makedonikos White Wine

Kali Orexi!


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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Join us in celebration of love and great food!

We will be featuring a Prime Rib Dinner and Wild Salmon as our dinner specials that evening. More options will be available from our dinner menu as well.

Please call to reserve your table now.



Did you know that Valentine's was celebrated for an entire month in ancient Athens? The middle of January to mid February was known as the month of Gamelion and was dedicated to the sacred marriage of the God Zeus and the Goddess Hera. Their wedding, referred to as the "hieros gamos" or "holy marriage", was a grand affair to be attended by all. Hera was the Greek goddess of love and marriage and it took Zeus 300 years to convince her to marry him. He finally won her over by transforming himself into a cuckoo and flying into Hera's window to avoid a terrible thunderstorm (that Zeus himself had produced)! Taking pity on this bird, Hera took it into her arms and held it close. Zeus took that opportunity to turn back into himself and woo Hera into finally agreeing to marry him, ending the long courtship.


Here are some pictures of the owner's (Jim & Dini's) hometowns where they were raised back in Greece. Jim is from the town of Neohori, located near the city of Argos in Southern Greece and tucked right into the mountainside. Dini's town, Eleohorion, is about 40 minutes away from Jim's, also in Southern Greece and about a 2 hours drive from Athens.

Jim's Town:

Neohori 1_0001 (WinCE).jpg

a view of the mountains from the balcony

Neohori 2a (WinCE).jpg

on a snowy winter day

Dini's Town:

Elehorion 3 (WinCE).jpg

the church - St. George

Eleohorion 2b (WinCE).jpg

a view of the town

Specials Updated Daily

Every day, we update our website with the day's lunch and dinner specials. Check out our specials at www.fivecolumns.com!


Comment Card Winner of a $20 Dinner Gift Certificate

Berman Wilkins


Business Card Winner of a Free Lunch

Bret VanLant

Book our banquet room for all your special gatherings. We can accommodate groups up to 40 people for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Please call for reservations.


January Trivia Question Answered

The following is a picture of the famous island of Santorini.
Congrats to everyone who got it right, thanks for emailing us!

santorini breakfast (WinCE).jpg


"We love to dine here. We have always enjoyed the meals. My family and I will continue to dine at your restaurant." James Burkepile



"I have always thought you have done a very good job. I always enjoy coming and the veggie feta omelet! Also the atmosphere and the family business." Sherri Benedict



"Everything was great - food & service." Mark & Donna Grbich


"The food was delicious and the service was excellent. My family and I look forward to coming back!" Erin Biederman


"Everything was great! Great service and killer ribs." Stephanie Stuit


"The customer service was excellent. The mood and atmosphere excellently complemented the food. It really impressed me as to your waiter's attentiveness to customer service!" Ryan Cowper