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Five Columns Newsletter for Thursday, May 01, 2008
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Greek Style Pork Chops

They're back! For the whole month of May, we are featuring our popular Greek Style Pork Chops. Your meal starts off with our tasty garlic bread and a traditional Greek salad with all the trimmings (Feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, green peppers, onions & cucumbers). The tender pork chops are charbroiled and then topped with our homemade Greek sauce of lemon, olive oil, garlic and lots of Greek herbs. The pork chops are served alongside homemade oven-roasted Greek potatoes.

Suggested Wine: Retsina

Sunday, May 11th 2008

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We will be open for breakfast at 8am and dinner service will begin at noon.
The specials we will be featuring are Prime Rib and Baked Salmon.

Please call to reserve your table


"Thank you for everyone's heartfelt good wishes and "get-wells" for my recent fall where I broke my wrist. I am doing quite better now and everyone's support has meant a great deal in my recovery. Efharisto!"


On Saturday, April 19th, our dear family friend Kosta Ilvanakis celebrated his surprise 85th birthday party with 40 of his closest friends and family. His wife and daughters (from Seattle and Germany) arranged the dinner party and pulled off one of the greatest surprises for him! Thanks for the memories and the great time!

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Monthly Winners

Comment Card Winner of a $20 Dinner Gift Certificate
Curry Miles

Business Card Winner of a Free Lunch
Nic Connor
Sterling LIfe Insurance Company

Congrats to our winners!
You can also be a winner by dropping off your business card when you have lunch with us or filling out a comment card when you dine with us for dinner!

Greek Wine Spotlight: Retsina

This famous Greek wine has a uniquely different flavor that many describe as something "to be acquired".

This refreshing wine has been around since ancient times (almost 3000 years now) and possesses various degrees of a distinct flavor of pine (depending on the brand you are consuming). The pine flavor comes from the old practice of sealing the wine vessels with pine resin, in order to keep the wine from spoiling. The pine resin kept the air out while at the same time infusing the wine with its distinct pine aroma.
Retsinas are either white or rose and are best served chilled. It is a great accompaniment to Greek food, especially the mezedes - little Greek appetizers.

"We did not have to ask for service. It was given with pleasure!" Jim Anderson

"The service! The waitress was friendly and smiled and we all thought she made the experience better. Thank you!" Naomi Diaz

"The service, the food, the atmosphere, everything is absolutely excellent. I don't think I've ever had a more enjoyable dining experience." Nick Whelan

"The service was great and so was the food. We had a great time. Thank you for staying open for us! It was wonderful. It's been a while since we've been able to have a great time with the two of us!!" Steve Paschel & Ashly Kleman

"The service and the food! Wonderful experience. Thank you!" Janelle Schmitt

"The Greek Potatoes were to die for :). The wheels on the chairs were also entertaining! Thank you! We enjoyed ourselves - and your food!!" Staci Nelson

"The friendly atmosphere. Not being rushed. Fantastic." Brian & Cathy McIntosh

"Nice Cabernet. Excellent Service. More Dolmades!" Don

"It's all good. Especially coffee & baklava." Julia Marquand

"We had a wonderful time...our first visit. Thanks for the delicious food." Anthony Stone & Katy Ekdahl

"We enjoyed our meal. Good service!" Eric & Shona Armstrong


"The gyro tasted like cupcakes - very good! The salad was also nice. Service was excellent. Your restaurant is awesome!" Thomas Lang


"The food is always awesome. The atmosphere is so inviting and all the staff are friendly and welcoming." Rob & Lynda James

"Excellent, fast and friendly service. A great relaxing place to dine." Shane Levetsouitis