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Five Columns Newsletter for Friday, February 01, 2008
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This month, we are featuring a delicious combination plate pairing a tender chicken breast with our special spaghetti Myzithra. The chicken breast is marinated and then dressed with our homemade Greek lemon sauce and the pasta is sauteed and tossed with garlic and Greek Myzithra cheese. This meal begins with a traditional Greek salad and our house garlic bread.

Enjoy this dinner with our suggested wine of Makedonikos White Wine

Kali Orexi!

Thursday, February 14th

Make your reservations now to join us for a romantic Valentine's Dinner!


Cupid is in full effect around Valentine's Day. Known as the God of Love in Roman Mythology, Cupid's Greek counterpart is "Eros". Just like Cupid, Eros is also depicted as a winged young man with a bow and arrow in hand. He carries two different types of arrows: one that is gold with dove feathers and causes instant love and another that is made of lead with owl feathers that causes indifference. According to the poet Sappho, Eros is best described as being bitter sweet and cruel to his victims, yet charming and very beautiful at the same time!


Comment Card Winner of a $20 Dinner Gift Certificate:
Camille Moreau

Business Card Winner of a Free Lunch:
Valerie Richardson
John L Scott

Congratulations to our winners this month!


Here are some useful, everyday greetings:

"Thank You" - "Efharisto"

"Bon Appetite" - "Kali Orexi"

Three "Undiscovered" Islands in the Peloponnese

For a vacation get-a-away where you will get a great feel for the Greek culture, try visiting these lesser-traveled islands:

  • Spetses: A two-hour boat ride from Athens gets you to this small island with 18 miles of coast and 4100 year-round inhabitants. There are no cars on the island (except for about 4 cabs) but feel free to flag down a horse-drawn carriage or rent a bike or motorcycle.
  • Monemvasia: The translation of this island's name is "single entrance" and there really is only one way into the main town, which is through a stone archway. This island is a massive Gibraltar-like little isle, which is only over a mile long, but boasts of ancient architecture from the Byzantine era that remains virtually untouched.
  • Kythira: This island has 30 miles of coastline, lush mountains filled with wildflowers and iconic white houses and broad beaches. Because of this island's beauty, it is known as Aphrodite's island. There are several villages on the island to visit and each one has its own unique identity.


Don't worry...we serve breakfast till 3pm!

Join us for great breakfast classics Tuesday - Saturday from 11am - 3pm and on Sunday from 8am - 3pm

"Just keep up the good work and most pleasant of wait personnel. This is the best Greek restaurant we've had the pleasure of tasting." Beryl & Dave Lizer

"Fantastic service. Jason was an excellent waiter. He was above the call of excellence and very accommodating." Barbara Ouilette

"Nice server and yummy food!" Sandy Lam

"Very good service and meal was excellent." Vince Mulcahy

"The service was good, the atmosphere was relaxing and nice. Great place to come back to - the service was quick and timely and all the food items were delicious!" Erica Bartlett

"Good food. Great service." Anne Ziomkowski

"Everything was great! Good service / food." Ashley Molenda

"Food and service is wonderful! Great service, good atmosphere." Jack & Beth

"The spanakopita was fantastic - very light and flakey. The crumbled cheese on the veggies was also very good. " Nicolette & Joshua Matt