August 2007

Five Columns Newsletter for Wednesday, August 01, 2007
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*Monthly Dinner Special*

Lamb Chops & Dolmades

For the entire month of August, enjoy this special meal of Lamb Chops served alongside Dolmades.  This delicious dinner starts off with our house garlic bread and a Greek salad topped with Feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, olives and cucumbers.  The lamb chops are charbroiled and prepared with our original Greek sauce of olive oil, garlic, lemon and spices.  The lamb chops are served alongside three dolmades and rice pilaf.


Enjoy this great dinner with a glass of Agiorgitiko Red Wine


Kali Orexi!


Monday, August 20th: Support Officer's Fundraiser at Five Columns.  TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE!!!  Tickets can be purchased at Five Columns or online at
Friday, August 24th: BELLY DANCING!  Ruby performs at Five Columns at 7PM.  Please call ahead for reservations (676.9900).


Comment Card Winner of a $20 Dinner Gift Certificate
William Schoonover
Business Card Winner of a Free Lunch
Kirk & Corky Cantrelle
Watkins Trademark
Congratulations to our winners!

This Day in History

August 5th, 1962 - Marilyn Monroe is found dead in her home in Los Angeles

August 8th, 1974 - President Richard Nixon announced his intention to become the first president in American history to resign from office

Top 10 Power Foods

Can you name them all???  Here they are:

Olive Oil
Whole Grains
Nuts & Seeds
Lean Proteins

History: The Parthenon

The Parthenon is one of the most recognizable ancient monuments in Greece and around the world!  The temple was first built in 5th Century BC in honor of the Greek Goddess Athena Parthenos.  It was built on top of the highest hill in Athens named the Acropolis, and used as a place of worship for Athena.

The original Parthenon was built out of limestone but the one that stands there today is made out of marble.  It was rebuilt between 447 and 438 BC by two architects Callicrates and Ictinus, and a great sculptur Pheidias.

August is the last vacation month of the summer! 
Here are some of this year's top vacation hot-spots:

1. Paris
2. Berlin
3. Tuscany & Florence
4. Hawaii
5. The Riviera Maya & Cancun
6. Greece
7. Costa Rica
8.  New York City
9. Rome
10. Barcelona
11. Maine
12. Napa & Sonoma Valley

"Great meals - friendly courteous family atmosphere makes you feel welcome." Dusty Graham

"The atmosphere was very welcoming and comfortable. The food was obviously prepared with much attention to quality. A thoroughly enjoyable experience. A place one wants to linger." James Parrott

"The staff was very friendly and worked hard to accommodate our dietary restrictions. The food was wonderful; our whole family enjoyed the flaming cheese." Heather Thorne

"We loved the food. Everything was delicous. Thank you!" Geri Forsberg

"We like it that the restaurant is a family business and that the food is always good and reasonable." Paul & Ann Hanson

"The atmosphere is nice. The music is pleasant to listen to. The food & service is good. That's why we come!" Gilbert & Victoria Gunderson

"I loved the chicken & shrimp skewers. So juicy and far the best shrimp I've tried." Dina Desiatnikov

"The food is always consistently delicious and service is quick and very polite. Food is always hot." Donnie Stockton

"Tonight's special of Lamb Shanks was fabulous! Belly dancing was very special. Please do again!" Alesia Altman

"Gorgeous presentation. Calming atmosphere and very attentive service. Incredible flavors & huge portions!" Sarah Ogmundson

"Your food is always delicious!" Gloria Tyler

"Food was great, service was great. Loved the dessert! "Heather Osborn

"Very good food & service. Will recommend and come back again." Sheryl M Kaye

"I like how welcome you always make us feel! Thank you! And your service is excellent!" Cindy Rall

"Thank you for the friendly waitstaff." Silvia Gomes