April 2007

Five Columns Newsletter for Wednesday, April 04, 2007
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Monthly Dinner Special

Braised Lamb served with Greek Makaronada...$16.95

A true delight this month!  Our special features tender lamb that has been slow cooked for hours in a traditional tomato sauce.  The lamb is served along side Greek Makaronada - spaghetti noodles tossed in Myzithra cheese. This one of a kind special starts off with a delicious Greek salad and our house garlic bread. 

We suggest a glass of Agiorgitiko red wine...$5.95/glass

Kali Orexi!

Kalo Pascha - Happy Easter!

Easter is on Sunday April 8th...come celebrate with us!  We will be open at 8AM and will serve breakfast till noon.  Then we will be featuring our dinner menu with delicious Easter specials!

Easter is the most important religious holiday in Greece, there the celebration is grand and very traditional.  Although certain traditions may vary throughout the different regions in Greece, many are observed by all.  Church is attended for nightly services during "Holy Week" before which the elaborate Resurrection liturgy takes place at midnight on Easter Sunday.  After this service marks the end of a 40 day fast and the beginning of a full day of celebration and eating!

Here are some of the traditional foods eaten at Easter:

  • Lamb: roasted whole on a barbecue spit
  • Tsoureki: homemade sweet bread, twisted in the shape of a braid
  • Red-dyed eggs: red represents the color of life as well as the blood of Christ
  • Koulouria: homemade Greek cookies

Greek Orthodox Easter is based on a modified Julian Calendar, therefore the date of Easter changes every year and varies from the date that Easter is observed in other Christian Easter celebrations.  In 2007, Easter falls on April 8th, and although the Greek Easter would normally fall later in the year, this year they coincide!

"Easter Greetings"

  • Kalo Pascha - Happy Easter
  • Christos Anesti - Christ has risen
  • Alethos Anesti - Truly he has risen

Monthly Winners!

Eric & Christina Lehmann are April's Winners for a $20 Dinner Gift Certifcate for coming in and filling out a comment card!

Liz Smith from Best Western Lakeway Inn is the winner of a free lunch for dropping off a business card!

Congratulations and we'll see you soon!

ANNOUNCEMENT: We now have WIRELESS Internet!  Come join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner and bring your laptop!

Greek Lesson 101

Try some of these everyday sayings next time you come visit us!

  1. Good Morning - Kali Mera
  2. Good Evening - Kali Neehta
  3. Thank you - Efharisto
  4. You're Welcome - Efharisto
  5. How are you? - Ti Kanes?

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Although with all the recent rain, it is hard to imagine warm sunny weather...Spring is here and soon the flowers will be blooming!

  • Floral Theme for Spring 2007 - Natural Worship: Express your personality and your personal beliefs.  Create a floral shrine at home or work.
  • Trivia: Sunflower stems were used to fill lifejackets before the invention of modern materials.  Low-pollen sunflowers have been developed in recent years which not only help asthma suffers but extend the flower's life.  Botanical name is Helianthus, which derives from the Greek words "helios" meaning sun and "anthos" meaning flower!

History of April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day, also known as, All Fool's Day occurs annually on April 1st.  The day is generally celebrated by playing a practical joke on a victim who soon becomes known as the "April Fool".  Historically, this custom is thought to have started in France during the 16th century, but the British are credited with bringing it to the US.  The origin of this joker's day involves the changes in the calendar.  At one time, New Year's was celebrated on March 25th and in 1582, King Charles IX adopted the Georgian Calendar, changing New Year's to January 1st.  Those who refused the acknowledge the new date, or simply forgot, received foolish gifts and invitations to nonexistent parties.  The victim of such a joke was known as "Poisson D'avril" (April Fish).

*Feel free to share your funny April Fool's stories with us at jim@fivecolumns.com!

"I agree with the President of ACB Company.  This place is the best kept secret of B'ham - I always recommend your place." Ken Schims

"Greek Ribs!  Service is prompt and food fantastic.  I'm not even Greek!"  David

"The food is always excellent and the service is very friendly.  5 Columns is a favorite of ours in Bellingham."  Shannon & Jim

"High quality of ingredients.  Fresh.  Great Salad.  The prawns were perfect.  We'll be back!"  Bonnie Barker

"The service was most excellent and the food exquisitely stupendous."  Chris Connell

"Very friendly and prompt service.  It was a lovely experience and I am pleasantly full!"  Alyssa Gehman